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What is Google Analytics?

Among new site owners, there is a lot of confusion regarding Google Analytics. Some believe that Google Analytics must be owned on a website or blog. Other's believe it is a paid service that google only offers to big websites like Facebook. So what exactly is Google Analytics and how important it is for developing a [...]

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8 Reasons to Use WordPress

About ten new websites are created in the world every second. With this kind of momentum, the world now has an estimated one billion websites and that number is still growing faster and faster. The popular CMS (Content Management System) WordPress is responsible for the creation of about three of those ten websites every second. WordPress now runs [...]

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Why You Should Use WooCommerce to Build an eCommerce Store

Many do not realize it is incredibly easy to run an online store. WooCommerce is a plugin which is developed by WooThemes. It is an eCommerce company engaged in the sale of special Wordpress themes. Not only providing premium themes for Wordpress, WooThemes also provides a plugin that can conjure Wordpress into a sophisticated eCommerce [...]

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Everything You Need to Know about Responsive Web Design

Business owners and companies are in a constant battle to get the attention of their valued clients and customers. Back in the day, competition was nothing more than making sure your storefront looked better than the guy next door’s. But times have changed, and these days, it’s all about how you play your cards on [...]

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Do Companies Need Social Media Marketing?

It's a fact that competition in a business is tougher than ever. Companies should find a better way in marketing. Social Media Marketing is a good choice. It’s actually a process of getting more attention or traffic for a site through social media platforms. It usually focuses on efforts to produce content that encourages readers [...]

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